How to Make a Basic Homemade Essential Oil Distiller

distiller 300x255 How to Make a Basic Homemade Essential Oil Distiller

Vintage Essential Oil Distiller by - El Bibliomata

Essential oil distillers can be be expensive, large and just plan not praticle for someone looking to make a little oil with the lavender or other plants from their garden. If you are looking for a simple essential oil distiller you can make with supplies found around most kitchens, this article is for you.

If you are wanting to process a large amount of plant material you may consider purchasing an essential oil distiller or build your own using other plans. Take a look our essential oils products page.

What’s Needed To Make a Basic Homemade Essential Oil Distiller

  • A large stainless steel stock pot
  • Vegetable steamer that fits the stock pot
  • Glass Pyrex Measuring Cup ( 4cup works the best )
  • A convex (curved) lid that fits the stock pot and can be clapped upside down to the large stock pot
  • Three Clamps
  • Ice

Instructions For Preparing the Essential Oil Distiller

  • Take vegetable steamer and place in stock pot.
  • Fill stock pot with water, making sure that the water does not touch the steamer.

  • Place Pyrex measuring cup in the center of vegetable steamer. This will be used to collect your essential oil and water hydrosol mixture.
  • Pack the plant mater in the steamer, around Pyrex measuring cup.
  • Place stock pot lid upside-down on top of stock pot. The lid should cave down into the Pyrex measuring container.
  • Secure lid to stock pot with claps. You may need to use some weather stripping or other material to create a good fit. The more steam that escapes, the more oils that are lost.
  • Place ice on top of lid to help with condensation inside the stock pot. The idea is the steam will collect on the lid, run towards the center and drip into your Pyrex measuring cup in the center.
  • You may need to add water, add more plant material, empty Pyrex measuring cup and replace ice from time to time.

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If you have any questions or comments to help improve our basic homemade essential oil distiller please leave a comment.

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  1. Rebecca Whitford says:

    I think I need to see pictures on this one as I can’t really figure out how this works. Not sure what kind of “steamer” this would be.

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